Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Paradox of Humanity

Humans are incredibly odd creatures. They have reason and freedom. Financial and regional factors aside, they can chose whatever occupation their heart desires. Yet, when they might be a National Geographic photographer grasping at slight fingerholds in a cliff face to reach the ledge where the elusive whistling spider may hide, a huge percentage of the American people only languidly finger keyboards for the entirety of a workday. Though I suppose it is proof of my rationality that I would join the ranks of men and women performing that monotonous action for the support of a greater cause, it's hard.

However, the things I'm learning through CNS on a daily basis draw me to the mesmerizing monitor time after time. My friends, it is disgusting to see the ways the devil finds to infiltrate the supposed havens of Catholic tradition and truth in the "Catholic" colleges of America. They support clubs, play scripts, faculty, speakers, and teaching that directly contradicts the moral truths taught by Our Lord. Not that this should be news to us, we are daily exposed to similar evils.

Our world asks so many questions. They long for an objective standard though they bow to the ideals of relativism and non-discriminatory behavior. The problem is that in trying to include everyone, they embrace the wolves as well and help them to try on a new suit of sheep's clothing. If one uses undefined words like "hospitality," "sharing," "dialog," and "spirituality" too frequently, they end by meaning nothing at all except that "everything is ok, and if it's not we won't label it that way." Verbal manipulation is one of the scariest tools man possesses. And when one doesn't have the concrete language to ask the right question, how can one expect to find the right answer?

The fine balance to find is that between being concrete, courageous, and firm without being offensive, inflammatory, and uncharitable. Pope JPII had a wonderful gift for carrying out this type of persuasive dialog with those of other faiths or just the lukewarm members of his own Church. I can only pray that as Spirit-filled Christians minister to their culture, especially in the intellectual communities of America, that the Lord will inspire them to be accepting of truth where they find it, but not of error.


Blogger Skyminder said...

Yay Verbal Engineering! I hereby change the word "values" to mean "total acceptance of any action, orientation, or ideology within the narrow confines of modern pan-tolerantism." Oh wait. . . it already means that. . .

Rock on with the Blog, Kelly. Classy name for the blogsite, but your color scheme looks suspiciously like that other REALLY lame blog titled the "Windbag," or the "Trashmill" or something like that. I forget. . . :)

6/01/2005 9:19 PM  
Blogger Kelly Jo said...

Skyminder- I had another template, but it looked awful, so I switched to this and then realized my plagerism... sorry, but isn't imitation the highest form of flattery?

6/01/2005 10:28 PM  
Blogger mr. maurer said...

the template is incidental. as least black goes with the clever title

9/02/2005 10:43 AM  

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