Monday, June 27, 2005

All Accomplished Without Coffee

Hello my dear friends and random people who visit! It's been a rather busy week. Mom, Dad, and Erin have all been gone on trips, so I've been quasi-mom all week plus normal job stuff. Bridge & Nora have been awesome though, really helpful, and it's been a pleasure to spend some extra time with them. Saturday, we spent the day at a feis (Irish dance competition) and Nora did extremely well and moved up a level in two steps because she got two 1sts out of a group of 20 girls! She was ecstatic. I love that girl- she has boundless energy, a refreshingly positive attitude about everything, a beautiful smile, and she idolizes me (her one flaw.) Yesterday, we spent half the day out by the pool, just relaxing and ignoring the bits of housework that we justified not doing because it was Sunday and the house honestly does look pretty good. And the girls were sweet enough to give me permission to have a night out with Larry too. :)
At work, we've (well mostly just me because everyone but my boss is off in North Carolina or Rome or the Holy Lands) been compiling information for a new Guide to US Catholic Colleges and Universities. It will be awesome when it's done and a great resource for people who want to go to a Catholic university but also want a specific major and need to find a school with both criteria. It also will have a list of objective questions regarding Catholic identity which will give prospective students a way to better judge the fidelity of that school to the values they profess. However, in the process of hounding these schools until they please please please answer our questions so that we can complete their profile, I have committed two unpardonable sins (in the eyes of some). First, I've succumbed to the modern journalistic tendency to limit myself for a significant part of each day to speaking and writing in combinations of pre-fabricated clauses strung together with the proper, politically correct conjunctions and transitions. You'd think I'd never heard of never mind read Orwell's essays on language. Unfortunately, creativity in today's world sticks you in hot water rather quickly. :) Secondly, I have developed a new pet peeve . . . Sometimes I wonder if operators get a secret pleasure out of connecting you to an unknown person in an unknown office, after you have given them several options of people that you may like to speak to in order to get your questions answered. And inevitably the said unknown person is having a sleepy Monday and lazily answers "hello?" without department or name identification. "Hello, this is Kelly blah blah blah, may I ask who I'm speaking to please?" Oh well, it's just more practice in the all important arena of people skills right?
Have a lovely week everyone and one of these days I'll try and jot down something more organized and intelligent . . .


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