Thursday, June 02, 2005

Exploring Power

At work I’ve finally begun to learn some basic web design and management skills. It always excites me to learn a new form of media control. That doesn’t mean I want to spend my life in front of a computer or soundboard, but it does mean that I enjoy being a dilettante in the vast world of communication technologies. The intrigue is partly derived from an awe of the power media has in today’s society. I watch so many of my “received an average liberal education with a good dose of feel-good propaganda” friends and relatives just absorb the “objective” opinions of TV and radio personalities. They unwittingly become passive sponges of good and bad instead of rational, analytical human beings that know when a false theory should be expunged from their minds and society. And still, the media talks on and is listened to.
On the flip side, I’m thrilled to see the good effects of the brave few who decide to use media to serve the good. Not to equate, but rather to list a few: the religious overtones in “Signs,” the influx of Christian music and wholesome bands (Switchfoot, Stacy Oricco, Mercy Me, etc.) into mainstream radio, revived (Christian) classics like “Lord of the Rings” and (possibly, if it’s good) “The Chronicles of Narnia” in cinematography, and of course Mel’s “The Passion of the Christ.” Add to this the countless writers, speakers, and Christian news castors that speak the Truth and we’re slowly aiming a small, but accurate, fusillade at the doors of the liberal press rooms. I’m doing a very little part on a largely ignored webpage for CNS, but it’s rewarding to know that I’m helping to fire one more shot for the allied good. [Ok, end of my rant on thesis related topics . . . ]

After Daddy treated me out to lunch [Thanks Daddy – It was wonderful to talk and hang out with you!], I got a random call asking me to replace a sick alto and sing at HFA’s graduation tonight. Our little quartet wasn’t stunning, but it was lovely to sing Palestrina again. I miss choir! Yet again, I was singing with all CC grads - go figure - polyphonic Latin seems to magically draw them to events. :)

Reading list: I just began Chesterton’s The Ball and the Cross and JPII’s Threshold of Hope – I’ll write up quick reviews when I’m done. Anyone have suggestions for good reads for the summer?


Anonymous Filia Dei said...

Dear Kelly Jo,

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for very erudite expression of what was frustrating me with a certain other, slightly familiar looking blog related to molinas. I think you said what I wanted to say there better than I did, which is slightly eerie, but intriguing as well.

I don't know if it would be returning the favor to recommend summer reading, but I've read something by Dorothy Sayers, Myles Connoly, or Elizabeth Marie Pope every summer and never regretted it.

God bless you!

6/03/2005 1:11 PM  
Blogger Skyminder said...

Kelly Jo,
allow me to do a little online blog comment introduction. I would like you to meet Polly, the "Filia Dei" of Franciscan Fame. A colleague of mine and fellow Shakespeare reader. Polly, I would like you to meet my friend Kelly, a Lit major, Irish Dancer, and a good friend of mine from Christendom College.
Now, don't we all feel better after we've been introduced?
My next post will cause even more controversy: I'm going to expound on Woman. . .

6/03/2005 10:45 PM  
Blogger peggy said...

Saw you visited my blog. Thanks! Good luck to you!


6/04/2005 9:52 PM  

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