Monday, June 13, 2005

For Lack of Time

For lack of a decent amount of free time to actually call my dear friends and talk to them individually, here's a continuation of "My Life" by Kelly Jo...

Lars and I went to see "Cinderella Man" last Wednesday. Quick review... CONS: Defaming the guy he boxed in the final match was unfortunate [though it put Tyson's recent fight in an interesting light for the media]. I've never been a fan of crude language and using the Lord's name in vain, and, for the sake of being "time period," the scriptwriter obviously didn't share my sensitivities. Finally, I still will NEVER understand why boxing is a respected art among guys. It's one of those things that my non-existent brothers never taught me (along with why killing things, scars, hours of videogames, and tobacco are integral parts of guy culture). Oh well. PROS: I really enjoyed a lot of the family scenes and the presentation of the Depression era and its effect on individuals and their families. In general, I like sports-themed movies (because I'm so incompetent in the sports themselves that I appreciate the story without noticing technical errors of recently trained actors). Overall, I thought it was pretty good, though I couldn't recommend it to people like Michele. :)
I was sincerely told that I ate "exotically" for the first time ever. For those of you who know me well, you'd appreciate how hard I laughed at that one.
I also was informed three times in the last 24 hours that my voice sounds "exactly" like my mom's. Go figure.
Saturday was Bo's Graduation party. There was a decently large crowd and most everyone seemed to have a blast. I got to talk to some friends and relatives I haven't connected with in way too long, and I hope Larry has recovered from the dizzying effect dozens of hurried introductions. :) And we have enough extra food to feed an army... (I think Mom's already been starting to do that.)
Sunday, Daddy, Mom, Goober, and I went to a party hosted by some family friends (who I hadn't seen since before highschool). It was at their gorgeous bay-house off the Chesapeake. I spent the afternoon chatting a bit, riding their boats, eating fresh bay crabs and tubing. Dad and his college friends were all tubing too, two tubes at a time. After watching them, I was "prepared" for the boat driver to try all his tricks to throw me off as well. I managed to grip tight and stay on while my partner (on the other tube) got thrown twice (both times when he tried to ram me and get me off). It was a ton of fun until I woke up and tired to move this morning... argh. I think I forgot to use a few of those arm and back muscles for quite a while; must get back in shape... maybe I'll go "play" tennis or something. ;)


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