Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Murphy's Law

Just because she was the only kid in our family who didn't need orthodontic work . . . Last week BB took a really bad fall over a low rope and onto concrete and smashed the front of her face, lost three teeth, and spent several hours trying to get to the ER and actually get something done about it. Since then, she's been rather swollen, marked up, and in varying amounts of pain. It looks like the teeth (which got popped back in) may be fine, but she had to get root canals today (really big ouch!) and not all the numbing stuff worked or something because she's really feeling it. Anyhow, now that your mouth is probably tingling with sympathy pain, please offer up a quick prayer for her. I know the whole thing has been pretty rough for her. I wish I could just *poof presto chango* and it'd be better, but I guess I'll have to trust God for that one. Anyways, I just thought I'd send a shoot-out prayer request to all you prayer warriors for her. Thanks!


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