Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Paradox of the Phoenix

The last few days have been full of the paradox of the phoenix-that strange turn of events through which one thing terminates only to give life to a new thing.
EVENT #1: Bo's Graduation from High School
I recall my own graduation vividly. I was thrilled to be done with a challenging senior year, an awful thesis paper on Redgauntlet, and about a hundred-and-one activities (some things don't change). I loved Seton, but I was also ready to try something new, meet new people, conquer new challenges . . . something, anything, that didn't consist in donning the same blue uniform and entering a building that by habit had become both beloved and slightly dreaded by me. That day, I really had no apprehensions about the future; and, of course, like most seniors, I was ready to handle anything (or so we all thought.) I'm sure Bo feels somewhat the same. The primary word on her mind is probably "FREEDOM." I'm incredibly happy for her. She's done an excellent job in her leadership positions, schoolwork, and sports; and she's ready to move on to new challenges. At the same time, I can't help getting the big sister compulsion to relate a list of warnings, stories, and mistakes derived from my own last few years in college. I know she'll have to learn it all on her own, but it's so tempting to jump on a soapbox and protect her from having a less than perfect life. However, I'm certain that God will guide and protect her always, as He has for me, and she'll be in my prayers.
EVENT #2: Goober's 9th Birthday
Nori, her friend Kateri, Dad, and I all had a lovely evening celebrating her birthday last night. We were supposed to go canoeing, but they closed earlier than we thought. We had a ton of time to waste before Dad's softball game. Therefore, Dad, being the genius father of many girls, took them to a Dollar Tree, gave them each a couple of dollars, and said pick out whatever you like. It took plenty of time, and provided us with pop-rocks and a light-up toy among other things for entertainment during the game. Thank God for simple pleasures!
EVENT #3: Goober Lost a Tooth
Ok, so this isn't any incredible event in an of itself, but her comment to accompany it was perfect: "Mommy! I lost my tooth when I was trying to put it back in!" [What?!? I guess that translates as, "I was wiggling my tooth to show it to someone, and when I tried to put it back into a normal position, it popped off.]

P.S. Yay! I figured out the codes to change color schemes so my page doesn't look like everyone else's; it's uglier. :( Oh, well. It will do for now.


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