Thursday, July 14, 2005

Benedict vs. Harry Potter

Harry Potter. Many times I've heard those two words spark heated debates in Catholic & Christian circles. How far is too far when an author blends moral black and white into a relativistic grey? Are the books ok for older, informed people? Are they intrinsically bad for all children regardless of training, education, or explanation? These and many more questions fly across the table and encourage others to pick up the books to see for themselves why Rowlings seems to be able to capture the imaginations of every age, country, and philosophy. Though the pope only speaks infallibly in official statements on faith and morals that pertain to all the faithful, Pope Benedict XVI has written two letters supporting a German author of a book called Harry Potter - Good or Evil? These letters and a more detailed explanation of the pope's and the Vatican's response to this influential literature can be found at the following link: I know many Catholic parents who enjoy the Potter books along with their children, it will be interesting to see if Benedict's statements make them re-think their readiness to expose their children to these intriguing, but perhaps morally skewed, novels.


Blogger Kelly Jo said...

I should add that his letters were written when he was a cardinal, not after he was elected pope.

7/15/2005 1:09 PM  

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