Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Home Away From Home

Last weekend Dad, Nora, Lars, & I all randomly went on a whirlwind (yet relaxing somehow) 28 hour trip to my grandparents' beach house. My dad came from a large family, and since I can remember, we've all trekked up to the family beach house for a weekend or two every summer. This weekend was the first time I had been back there in two years. I always forget how every nook and cranny of that place is crammed full of memories. Of course there are all the infamous pictures of me with frizzy hair and braces or posed in frozen moments of comparably awkward stages of growth and fashion. Then there's the balcony we used to stealthily toss pillows off of (specifically because it was forbidden after a few pictures and lamps were demolished by experimental fusillades released from little hands upstairs.) One strip of wall is decorated in penciled records of our heights throughout the years. Grandma's shamrocks stretch towards the lights in every corner. There's a table made out of a slice of a huge tree that Dad made for Mom's first apartment. I still love walking down to the shoreline of the bay where Pop-Pop used to tie his crab boat and where Grandma and I took walks to feed the ducks or sit on a swing and talk. . .
However, what makes the beach house, or really any place, priceless are the people that you find there. I really treasured the time taken aside to spend with Pop-Pop, Grandma, my godparents (who were also visiting), my family, and Larry. I always feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people!

If you'd rather a quick account of how we all spent our time check out Larry's blog.


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