Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Never a Snail's Pace

I had a lovely weekend. Friday night, I chilled out with my family and had this great intention to go to bed early, but ended up talking to Erin (Bo is her nickname for those of you whom I’ve been confusing with nicknames on here) about her Costa Rica trip until midnight.
The next morning Larry and I headed out from Mass to a pretty waterfall hike up at Shenandoah. There were a lot of people out (including Chrissy and her family) because it was the Fourth of July weekend, but the weather was perfect, the mountain laurel was blooming still, and it was heavenly to get out in the open and stretch my legs again. Then, we drove over to Beth’s for a delicious dinner. I got to spend the night with her and spent half of it talking about the ceaselessly captivating subject of literature. I now have another five books added to my reading list and lots more motivation to commence work on my thesis (unfortunately the latter must take precedence I’m afraid . . . or rather, I’m so excited about my thesis that those incredible new books will just have to wait until Christmas! Too many books and too little time . . .)
Sunday morning, we went to Mass at St. Andrews, and then (after a nap to pretend like I had gotten more sleep) I spent the afternoon with my roomie, Ted. It was wonderful to reconnect and scheme together again.
On the Fourth, I slept in until 11! I honestly cannot remember the last time I slept in anywhere near that late. Nora and I braved the sale-seeking crowds to do some shopping in the afternoon and buy a birthday present for Bo. Then, Lars came over for dinner and to join us for fireworks in Old Town Manassas. The firework show was beautiful and I loved having the whole family there (plus Larry of course!) ;) And so my dear friends who I very much owe phone calls, that’s why I have not called you in ages. My apologies and sincere wishes & prayers for your health and happiness over this next week.


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