Friday, July 01, 2005

We Are Family

Mom, Dad, and Erin are all home safely- thank you to those who remembered them in your prayers. They all had great trips! Mom and Dad loved the islands and displayed dozens of pictures of their beautiful hotel, sparkling lagoons, hundreds of iguanas (apparently they were like squirrels down there), pied markets, and lots of smiles. They also brought a fun reggae CD from a guy they heard perform, t-shirts, and beautiful jewelry (Daddy has excellent taste) from a lady who sang as she sold her wares. Erin arrived home from Costa Rica last night, tired, smiling, decked out in coconut and sandalwood jewelry, and more tan than before (if that was possible). I can't wait to hear all about her jungle research and experiences! It's lovely to have everyone back together (though it reminds me how much I need to get out of a fluorescent-light-lit office and into some glorious sunshine!)


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