Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Lovely Life

Dear Friends,
School has begun with the usual rush of excitement. I think I've sat in more meetings this past week than is good for anyone's health and well-being but our group of RA's and Proctors rocks and I think they'll be able to pull together an awesome year. Kelly and I also had our first hall meeting last night. I love my 27 freshmen and they have an infectious enthusiasm that will make them a dynamic and lively floor if they keep it focused. Orientation activities were lots of fun, as usual, with a ton of "my girls" participating in fluffy bunny and similar games/contests. The RAs have had plenty of opportunities to "introduce" themselves to the freshmen too through lovely skits.

My first few classes were great too. Well, I only made it to about 15 min. [I was in the ER with a girl all morning] of my Dr. Rice class on all the depressing novels (aka Engl 301) but it looks good. English novel with Dr. Standford will be a lot of fun (hey, I get to re-read Brideshead and Persuasion - twist my arm). Theology Applied to Psychology with Dr. DiVietri is going to be AWESOME. He explored modern psych. but then, re-examines its strengths and weaknesses through an examination of man through the Catholic perspective of man as a composite of body and soul (not JUST a material being as modern psych. treats it).

Oh, and my thesis will be officially in the Spring now, though I'm doing a directed study on my topic this semester. Yup, 6 credits on one paper - beware, I may start ranting on language and the ways it's used and abused at times . . .

I hope you're all well and my prayers are with those returning to school or venturing out on the post-graduate "work world."


Blogger coiledrose said...

Glad you're doing so well. Can't wait to see you guys Labor Day weekend!

8/24/2005 2:36 PM  
Blogger MikeE said...

Hey Kelly,
Just checking out your blog and I like it. Its good to hear that the start of the school year is going well for you. I will continue to check on your blog (and Larry's) in the future.

8/26/2005 2:38 PM  
Blogger Noelle said...

Hey Kel, it's Noelle. Unfortunately plans to visit Christendom are thwarted for this year and quite possibly the next three years. I'm in Miami! Yeah I was surprised too. :$ If you want the full story go here: I made it to keep up with everyone back home etc. Hope you're having a good time so far, we just sat through a butt-whooping from Katrina.

8/26/2005 9:12 PM  

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