Monday, August 01, 2005

Random Thoughts on Life

Not exactly definitive proof, but I want to support anyone who, like me, has the delicate taste to realize the intrinsic superiority of dark chocolate over white or milk chocolate.

In gay-marriage approved states, they're trying to change birth certificate forms to list Parent A & Parent B instead of Father & Mother. Remind anyone of the way "Father" & "Mother" are dirty words in Brave New World?

Oh, I never told people though I said I would . . . I finally trudged to the end of War of the Worlds (the book). The focus was too much on sensationalism driven by description to really impress me. However, Wells' descriptions of the way various characters would deal with a crisis was more intriguing and believable. My favorite was the man living in the London pipe system toward the end, a man with high hopes, ambitions, and ideas but with little follow through or work ethic to actualize his plans. I don't remember the radio broadcast version of it clearly, but it seemed to capture the feel of the work in a more concise and poignant manner. Yet, perhaps the book failed on this particular audience because I don't have the common imagination/awe/fears of the people in that era. Anyone else read it? I'd love to hear comments from someone who has studied/is interested in H.G. Wells' more complete vision or world view, a subject I know little about.


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