Sunday, December 18, 2005


Why in the world do people call it a "break?" It ought to be called a "repair." Thus, I hope all you college people or people taking time off from work are enjoying a lovely "repair;" I certainly needed one and have been reveling in the strange elements that usually compose my repairs. Yesterday, I spent time Pleasure Reading--so satisfying! I played guitar and sang praise and worship with Bo and Goober. I got involved in a lengthy tickle & clipping fight. [In my family, clipping people is kinda like kaphoozling people, kinda.] Last night, family dinner with EVERYONE there and then night prayers together was lovely. During Advent, we always sing an Advent song around the candles before we start prayers. Last night, we sang "Lo How a Rose Er Blooming" in harmony. My family has always sung together--music unites us like almost nothing else does. Then, Daddy, Bo, Bridge, and I went down to the cave to chill out and watch a movie. To continue my disconnected timeline, yesterday afternoon, Nora and I talked for forever--life through the perspective of a nine year old is so optimistic, uncomplicated, joyful, wonder-filled, admiring, eager, and faith-filled. I love joining her in her world when I get a chance. We already have big plans to learn how to crochet (Well, she knows how, I want to learn), we'll make gingerbread men together for the whole family to decorate, there are books I want to read together, and of course we'll be singing together a lot. Today we were holding hands and dancing around the room together, laughing and smiling--I think heaven will be a bit like that . . . joy will be so simple there that it won't even occur to us to need or want anything else. Perhaps that's why Christ said that only those who are like little children will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Children love without counting the cost, worrying about rejection or hurt, expecting return, or wondering why they love in the first place. I hope all my children someday have Nora's joyful spontaneity and loving spirit--she's such a gem. :)


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