Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Dear Friends,

It is finals week and I'm slowly having the life drained out of me . . . not to say that my final that I took thus far went badly, my brain is just having one of those lint roller used to many times to let anything else stick moments.

Finals week on a freshmen floor is lovely. I learned the "art" of cake-mix consumption the other day. I've witness plenty of random tickle attacks. The other day, Ted and I were bent over and racing down the hallway pushing a little toy car that Justin gave Ted as a prank gift (we were "taking a ride together"--it made perfect sense at the time). One of my friends walked directly into a wall, twice. I did checks while whistling Christmas carols and skipping. I've lost track of the amount of chocolate and Nutella consumed in my hall. Are you getting the picture yet? Absolutely charming. We should all be locked up in a nut house immanently. And the funniest thing is, for about two hours of each day, we sit down and write incredibly profound scraps of knowledge on a test paper and actually seem to be rational creatures trained to think at a great college. Go figure. We intellectuals do a charming job of deceiving the world, don't we? If they only knew how human we really were . . . perhaps.

Good luck to anyone else who is watching as their sanity sneaks out the back door. I hope he has a nice trip and returns to tell you all about it.


Blogger coiledrose said...

Well, I think my measure of sanity permanently went on sabbatical, but you never know when it may return! Good luck dear, I know you'll do great.

12/14/2005 4:05 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

We are in this together, dear, and will come out victorious...and screaming really loud.

12/14/2005 6:38 PM  

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