Friday, December 02, 2005

Why I Despise TV Talk Shows

(WARNING: This is a rant...)

The other day, I walked into a room where a make-up masked talk show host was ranting simultaneously with an obscure activist, who strained with everything he had in him to communicate two bits of wisdom to the general public during this, his TV debut. Poor people. Poor people?! Poor me who listened to 3 minutes of it!

I'll never understand what the general American public finds stimulating, intelligent, and informative about those TV "debates." They infuriate and sadden me. Infuriate, because the people can't have a logical discussion about a topic where they reach a conclusion. Conclusions (a more scientific term for the word "truth") are too biased and exclusive for our society. Sadden, because the audience doesn't know any better. They receive information like fast food: quickly and with no thought to the enriching value of what goes into them. The verbal warfare is replete with fallacies and uninformed attacks; video games played by 10 year old boys have more forethought and skill put into them. My dear friends, help me to recover the rhetorical art of disagreement. Let us recapture the style of the Socratic Method and good ol' logic. And in this lofty spirit I will now cease this crudely written rant complete with concluding glittering generalities, much more suited to my foes than to the elevated taste of my friends. "Bye, Bye!"

P.S. I ran a spell check and a box popped up encouraging me: "Replace 'videogames' with 'piousness'?" Not shabby theology for a spell check mode on a computer . . .


Blogger Donna-Katie said...

I miss you, beautiful. Call me sometime :)

12/02/2005 10:56 PM  
Blogger Kelly Jo said...

Adrienne, thanks for the nice comment, but I try not to use last names on this site, so that's why I deleted your comment.

12/06/2005 8:01 PM  

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