Monday, February 27, 2006

And the Verdict is . . .

I won't know for two weeks. But meanwhile, here's a quick update on the FOCUS interview weekend.

It was challenging but so awesome. The 17 applicants that joined me for the Eastern Region interview weekend were from every background imaginable. It was awesome to hear their stories throughout the weekend and their testimonies on Saturday night. The missionaries are amazing people too. They are full of energy and joy and all love what they do. I had three 20-25 min. interviews with questions about how I would react in certain situations, ways I viewed things in the faith/life/interpersonal interaction, how to bring the knowledge I have to someone who hasn't shared my background and training, etc. The missionaries are not afraid to just ask you things straight out. One day, a bunch of us were sitting around and one missionary asked, "So, what's everyone sacrificing for Lent?" Not your average chilling out conversation, but one that I learned from and one that challenged me to be open. We also spent time playing games, singing karoke, bowling, and having fun. In a funny way, that's all a huge part of evangelization too--just being able to hang out with people and be encouraging and a good sport and getting to know people better.

It's funny, I always considered myself a fairly open person, yet during this weekend, I realized so many things I was telling this group of strangers that my close friends didn't all know. For instance, only a couple friends have ever had me sit down and systematically tell them the testimony of how God's worked in my life. I've never really asked those questions of others either. I'm not saying that now I'm just going to go around blurting my testimony to everyone and following it up with, "So, what's your story?" But, this weekend has reminded me to ask real questions, to have real conversations, to participate in real fellowship, and to be unafraid to challenge and be challenged in my close friendships. It's easy sometimes to slip into the everyday mumbled greetings and cordial, "How are yous" without actually engaging the person themselves--without seeking to reach out to them, serve them with your concern and interest, and be willing to be vulnerable/open on your side and establish a real relationship/friendship with them.

Please continue to keep this all in your prayers. If they're going to offer me a job, they'll call in the next two weeks. Meanwhile, I'm praying hard to St. Paul--an amazing missionary himself--for guidance and discernment. :)


Blogger coiledrose said...

Sorry to have missed you when I stopped by on Friday night. Glad the weekend was fun for you!

2/28/2006 3:47 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

I'm still praying for you, Kelly. Hang in there!

3/03/2006 10:12 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

You know now and I think a new post is in order, young lady!

I am so proud of you! You are in my prayers now and always. I pray that you will always feel the peace you felt when they called and, no matter how rough things get, that God will keep your fire lit. You are an amazing person and have such potential to plant so many seeds. I pray that you are successful in all you do, FOCUS and otherwise. Only one thing I ask in return. When life gets busy and you don't have a lot of time and things are getting you down, just remember that there is a girl out there who thinks an awful lot of you and is missing you very much.

May God grant you strength and wisdom and keep that fire for His love lit in your heart!


3/08/2006 9:55 AM  

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