Monday, February 06, 2006

Be Prolife: Use Google-ish

As a huge Google user, I thought this was an awesome idea!

Instead of using Google as your search engine, use
It's powered by the same Google engine, so you'll get the same results, but every time you search, a donation is made to various Pro-Life organizations, including Priests for Life, Children of the Rosary, and the Women's Center of Chicago. You can even recommend a charity, and if it meets the criteria, they'll add it.
Here are the criteria:
An “approved pro-life charity” is defined as one that:
1) Performs, or donates to groups that perform, activities that directly support a “culture of life” as that term is defined in the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.
2) Does not partake in, advocate or suggest violence as a means of supporting a “culture of life.”
3) Is preferably an organization with a Catholic credo.
So far, they've donated over $8000 to these fine organizations! Spread the word. We can do much better, and I'd have been using it all along if only I'd known.


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