Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ora Pro Me

Dear Friends,

This Friday through Sunday, I'll be attending the FOCUS interview weekend. I'll have three interviews on Saturday plus a testimony presentation. Please pray that God will guide me & those interviewing me. If God wants me to do FOCUS, it could be an amazing opportunity to serve Him. But, I know that whatever His plans are, they are more beautiful and perfect than I can imagine now, so all I need to do is trust and try my best to leave doors open for Him to work. :)

God bless you all,
Kelly Jo


Blogger Adrienne said...


Please know that all weekend I shall be storming the gates of Heaven for you. You are an awesome person and a beautiful woman. You will knock the competition down and the staff will be amazed, as are the people blessed to know you, at your abilities and disposition. Just put your faith in God's Hands. No one could want more good for you than your Father. So, go and have a good time and know that back in Front Royal there is a little girl who's praying her heart out for you and missing you a lot! Love you, Kelly! Knock 'em dead!


2/24/2006 4:16 PM  

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