Thursday, April 06, 2006


At this school, we don't complete a thesis [noun]. We thesis [action verb]. It's long enough and drawn out enough to qualify a state of being, definitely a state of mind. Of course that state of mind borders on monomania but we won't talk about that. Clearly I'm not affected since I'm writing a blog about thesising when I could be doing much better things, like thesising.

Anyhow, mine is currently 39 pages long (the minimum is 40 pages) and a chapter too short. I'll be working on that this weekend before my Monday due date. The last chapter should be the easiest though because I don't have to read more feminist propaganda to complete it. :) Keep praying! I know it won't be the illuminative masterpiece of the age, but I would like it to be scholarly and logically sound as much as possible. Oh, lucidity would be good too.

My friends have been wonderful this week. I love living in a tight knit community with thoughtful Christian friends. They bring me flowers, treats, hugs, and good wishes often. Best of all they pray for me. With a support group like that it makes mountains into mole-hills. Mole-hill are big enough problems to deal with anyhow. Thank you to any of you reading this who have taken the time to stop your own very busy lives for a second, look me in the eyes, and sincerely ask how my day went and how I'm doing. It means so much. Generosity is sorely lacking in our society--especially generosity of time and interest. However, it can make someone's day a bit brighter and more hopeful. Thanks!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Press START to Begin Play. . .

Sunday, the school opened a new student center. It's lovely with a mail-room, game room, lounge area, cafe, and large multi-purpose area. It's called the John Paul II Student Center and it was dedicated today, on the anniversary of his death. They played a moving video on his life and death that had all the former Rome students more or less in tears. It made me want to return so badly.

On a more joyful note, the game room is a blast, despite the fact that I'm only a proficient at one of the games: air hockey. We used to own a full-sized air hockey table at home and it's the only arcade-ish game I've ever bothered to get good at. Apparently, practice pays off--ask the people I've played against. ;) Of course, they also say I'm violent; maybe they're too scared to play to their best ability. . . The other games however cause much more of a dilemma.

Fooseball for instance . . . I understand the basic concepts of soccer and my feet occasionally move with some measure of dexterity. However, fooseball makes soccer a hands-only sport and any competency I had in the game is instantly destroyed. My specialties lie in accidentally leaving a row of defenders suspended upside-down and getting jabbed in the stomach by the other player's violent pole thrusts, while my defenders are still waiting to be relieved of their head-rush as they watch the ball roll unmolested into my goal. Sound painful? It is.

Thus, I move to something less active, pool. It is the only sport in which I can take all the time I want and am completely unchallenged by the movements of others while I cautiously aim and fire; yet, I can still make a COMPLETE fool of myself. Charming.

The next game in the room is ping-pong. Unlike my multi-talented boyfriend with his special paddles in foam-padded cases, for me, this game is a desperate attempt to play fetch like a dog as little as possible. The goal for me is to limit the game to it's name, table tennis, NOT under-the-couch tennis, in-the-trashcan tennis, wayyyyy-under-the-table tennis, and certainly not David-hits-Dr. Goliath (replace with favorite prof.'s name)-in-the-face tennis. Daddy said all I have to do is keep my eye on the ball and hit softly. I have a funny idea there's more to it that he's not telling me.

The challenge that beats all the others, however, is not your typical arcade game. It's a game called, "Get your bum off the incredibly soft couches and go do your thesis." I stink at this game. No matter what I do, those couches are like a black hole on steroids--I get sucked into them and then stuck there like gum on the bottom of your favorite shoes. If I get into heaven some day it will be primarily due to the extreme amount of heroic effort it takes for me to win this final student center game.

GAME OVER . . . Wanna play again?