Thursday, May 25, 2006

I Do Exist

Hello my friends. I typed a fun update on my life but my blog ate it. I have no time to retype it in full but here's the basic version...

I've had a lovely time hanging out with my family the last couple weeks. We went to Cape May last weekend and enjoyed spending a few days wandering around a fun new area. My uncle has a beach house barely a block from the beach. However, it was closed because during this week hundreds of horseshoe crabs crawl up onto the beach to lay their eggs. Then, thousands of seabirds make a pit stop mid-migration to snack on the eggs. It is an event that attracts bird watchers from all over the world. Pretty cool.

Next week I'm off to FOCUS training. I'm mostly over the "completely daunted" stage (ask me again Monday) and just really excited about facing new challenges and meeting new people excited about their faith. Of course leaving behind my family, Larry, friends, and everything familiar will be hard though. I'm also excited about the classes I get to take--I know, I'm pathetic. Barely two weeks after ending a crazy semester and I'm already missing being challenged intellectually and have been diving into C. S. Lewis, Chesterton, and Flannery O'Conner to satiate my craving. :) For updates on FOCUS life see my new blog: . I'll still probably post here off and on too. That site will be for FOCUS specific stuff to update friends and donors [not that those groups need be mutually exclusive!] Pray for me!

I hope you all are enjoying a lovely summer thus far. Keep in touch!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The King Stands as They Sing

My thesis is officially done and handed in. I think the final page count was 68 or 69 (one citation may have run over onto the next page).

However, I think my brain ran away to file a lawsuit against me for abuse. Ergo, I managed to lock my keys in the car for the first time yesterday, 5 min. after handing in my thesis. Then, trying to explain what happened, three times I proclaimed that I locked my "car in my keys." Betcha didn't know I was THAT talented huh? Grrrr.

Now I'm off to write one more paper, prepare my thesis defense, get stuff ready for graduation, spend some quality time with God (my time with Him has kinda been on the clock lately--15 min...ok good-bye), and SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS. Since I effectively locked any of the possible work I could do in my car last night, Lars and I went for a drive. We saw a really big black bear cross the road in front of us and slowly ascend the rocks on the other side. Too cool. We also saw about 40 deer (and I'm NOT exaggerating AT ALL, Michele.)